Epoxy and polyurethane paints are synthetic and not soluble in water,

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And have more specific
uses, such as painting water tanks. There are still formulas for application on floors, but they
depend on highly specialized labor.
These paints, which are generally diluted in a specific solvent and have catalysts to assist in the
painting process, must always be applied by a labor that knows the material and processes, to
prevent bubbles from forming, peeling off of the paint layer or simply bad finish.
As they are specific paints for application in wet and even flooded areas, such as swimming
pools and water tanks, they can be an excellent possibility for bathrooms, shower stalls,
kitchens and areas of this nature, as long as they are correctly harmonized with other coatings.
It is worth checking the types of finishes possible to avoid conventional ceramic tile covering in
very humid places.
In addition to the groups mentioned above, there are many other types of paint. There are
those made with lime, and effect products, such as magnetized paints, such as slate and
flooring; there are also masses and textures of many different natures. And one cannot fail to
mention specific varnishes and primers for different surfaces (such as for galvanized or plaster,
for example).
Depending on what you want to paint, it is necessary to apply several products. When this
happens, we call the painting process a “system”, not simply a simple painting as in the
examples above. If you intend to paint on a surface that appears more complex, we suggest
that you seek out a very experienced painter for advice on which system is most suitable.